LeMieux Euro Jump Navy (estemalli)

LeMieux Euro Jump  Navy (estemalli)
LeMieux Euro Jump  Navy (estemalli) LeMieux Euro Jump  Navy (estemalli) LeMieux Euro Jump  Navy (estemalli)

LeMieux EuroJump estehuopa bambuvuorella ja nahkavahvikkeella.

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Bamboo Textile innovation from LeMieux

Exceptionally soft and light with a similar feel to blend of cashmere and silk. Breathable and cool to wear with natural wicking, the EuroJump square is deodorising and has anti-microbial properties.

Often described as having the stength of steel with the softness of cotton. Incredibly hydroscopic: controls sweat, absorbing more moisture than pure cotton and polyester fibres.

Easy to wash and dries faster than normal lining fabric.

The Bamboo lining is Anti-bacterial 3 times more effective than cotton alone.

Anti-static 12 times less friction than cotton fibres- reducing rubbing.

Hygroscopic 60% improvement in comparison with cotton products.

Deodorization 30% less odour than cotton after exercise.

500 g
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